Acupuncture & OM in the US Sherman Louis Cohn

Acupuncture & Oriental medicine entered the United States with the first immigrants from China who came to build the railroad in the mid-19th century. But this medicine remained buried in the Chinatowns of America until Richard Nixon went to China in the early 1970s. On this trip, noted journalist James Reston of the New York Times suffered an appendicitis attack and experienced acupuncture to control post-operative pain and nausea. Reston was so taken with the results that he explored the hospital and wrote nationally syndicated columns introducing acupuncture to the general community. Meanwhile, some pioneers had already begun exploring acupuncture and opening clinics, some even before the Reston articles. By 1981, there was enough activity for national organizations to begin: the old AAAOM, the Council of Colleges, and the Accreditation and Certification Commissions. This is the history that furnishes the anchor of where we are now and where we are going in the future.