E/W Ob-Gyn Diagnostic Information Sharon Weizenbaum, Lac, DiplAC

Diagnosis is a key link between patient and treatment in any tradition of medicine. While a clear diagnosis leads directly to a focused, effective treatment, a murky diagnosis will result in less than satisfactory results. This seminar will focus on the key diagnostic points and the resulting treatment strategies, summarized from Sharon Weizenbaum's 25-plus years of clinical experience. These key points affect the quality of your results when working with fertility and pregnancy issues. The course will address specific keys to diagnostic clarity within Chinese medicine and the treatment focus stemming from this clarity. In addition, Ms. Weisenbaum will present her experience regarding how Western diagnostic information can positively or negatively influence Chinese medical treatment. Participants will leave with a bag full of clinical gems to help patients get pregnant, stay pregnant, and have a healthy pregnancy while positively enhancing overall health.