Saam (Korean) Acupuncture Yong-Suk Kim, OMD, PhD

This workshop is an introduction to Korean Acupuncture, Saam Acupuncture. Saam acupuncture differs from the conventional approach. Similar to 5-element acupuncture, it treats and observes patients as holistic human beings with physical, emotional, and intellectual components. The course includes fundamental theories of Saam acupuncture, plus the history, theoretical principles, diagnosis and treatment procedures will be presented to practitioners who are new to Saam acupuncture. Part I is designed to teach the meaning, acupuncture point locations, stimulation procedure and indications of 12 meridians Jeong-Gyeok and Seung-Gyeok in meridian- by-meridian manner; Greater Yin and Bright Yang Meridians (Lung, Large intestine, Stomach and Spleen), Lesser Yin and Greater Yang Meridians (Heart, Small intestine, Bladder and Kidney), and Reverting Yin and Lesser Yang Meridians (Pericardium, Triple Energizer, Gall bladder, Liver.)