NeuroImaging in Acup. Research Richard Harris, Vitaly Napadow

When acupuncture was introduced to the West, it was oversold by some as a panacea for all of humankindís ills. While it may not benefit every ailment, it does greatly help or cure some of them. An interesting parallel is drawn with neuroimaging. While this technology sheds light on how we process multiple stimuli, popular news stories about it threaten to oversell neuroimaging, thus producing a similar backlash. The workshop will introduce neuroanatomy, the major brain imaging modalities (e.g., fMRI, PET, MR spectroscopy), and describe how imaging data is managed and analyzed. Participants will review and critique interesting acupuncture neuroimaging studies. Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to read the neuroimaging literature more critically and understand what this technology can and cannot reveal about acupuncture mechanisms.