Spiritual Symposium Adams, Cleary, Hamilton, Strickling

Jung, Jaspers, the Transcendent Function and Dreams Bonnelle Lewis Strickling Jung and Jaspers are natural philosophical partners. One of Jaspers' central concepts is Existenzhellerung, the elucidation of Existenz, which overlaps Jung's concept of individuation. However, how Existenzhellerung is achieved is not entirely clear. Jeffrey C. Miller explores Jung's transcendent function to provide a way of understanding and expanding Existenzhellerung, and connecting Jaspers more deeply with Jung. I will illustrate this with a series of clients' dreams. Symmetry in Dreams and its Relation to Psycho-spiritual Awakening Nigel Hamilton The significance of symmetry spontaneously appearing and developing in the dreams of a woman undergoing spiritual transformation over ten years will be compared with symmetry in a number of short-term solo spiritual retreats, and in the dreams of a psychotherapy client undergoing a psycho-spiritual change over several years. During psycho-spiritual transformation, there is a definite tendency towards a symmetrical balancing of intra-psychic forces within the dreamer. Significant dreams: the unspoken spiritual experience? Kate Adams It has long been recognised that many big/significant dreams that impact on the spiritual life occur during childhood and adolescence. This paper presents data which suggests that many young people in contemporary Western countries keep their dreams secret because they sense that others do not value them. This situation has the potential to create a generation of people who will be increasingly reluctant to share or explore their dreams with others and asks what can be done to address this problem. Dreaming and the Dead Rose Cleary I explore Rudolf Steinerís views on how dreaming helps heal our alienation from the dead. Steinerís ideas are illuminated by comparing them with those of Jung and Hillman: In what ways does Steinerís call for connecting with the dead echo Jungís discovery of a psyche peopled by ancestors? Hillman casts all interpretation of dreams in relation with soul, and soul with death. I compare Hillmanís views on dreaming to Steinerís notion that ďdreams are like surrogate clairvoyance.Ē