Research Panel Hoss, Barrett, Kahn

Research Panel: The Significance of Language in Dreams Robert J. Hoss, Chair; Deirdre Barrett, David Kahn Four dimensions of language expression will be discussed: dream representations and narrative as an information expression; visual speech representations; speech and language in dreams; and verbal or written “messages.” The Dimensions of Language Expression Robert Hoss, Chair Robert will introduce the session by summarizing the four dimensions of dream language, with examples of each including reference to the dreamer’s waking life situation and associations. A brief introduction to the theories and research surrounding each will be described. Verbatim Language Deirdre Barrett Examples of verbatim language in dreams will be presented, with analyses of how this is altered relative to waking language. This will be compared to past research findings on language in dreams, and related to what's known about brain areas involved in dreaming and in different linguistic processes. Neurological Implications David Kahn Neurological implications of speech during dreaming will be presented, including a summary of speech and learning centers involved, as well as review of some of the research on REM sleep using PET and FMRI. Potential interpretations of how the selective brain region activations and deactivations affect the way language is expressed in dreams will be discussed.