Lucid Dreaming D'Urso, Hurd, Olsen, Waggoner

Lucid Dreaming and Spiritual Enlightenment Beverly (Kedzierski Heart) DíUrso, Chair Some people have associated lucid dreaming with ego control and satisfaction. I will show how lucidity relates to expanded states of consciousness, and compare it to the work of contemporary spiritual teachers, Byron Katie and Eckhart Tolle. My topics include: inquiry, the present moment, expansion of self, the connectiveness of all, facing pain, viewing death, and the interdependent illusions of space, time, and thought. Lucid Nightmares: the Dark Side of Self-Awareness in Dreams Ryan Hurd Lucid nightmares are a subset of lucid dreams in which the dreamer is awakened from sleep following a disturbing dream experience. This paper outlines preliminary features, explores various perspectives about the cause of lucid nightmares, and suggests ways to work with this important but misunderstood dream experience. This presentation is based on the paper "A Treatise on Lucid Nightmares", a winner of the IASDís 2008 Student Research Award. The Forgotten History of Lucid Dreaming Chris Olsen The history of the lucid dreaming concept in the nineteenth and early twentieth century is scarce and insubstantial. Traditional historical accounts normally include Hervey de Saint-Denyís, book Dreams and How to Direct Them, Van Eedenís paper "A Study of Dreams," and a handful of scattered references. This paper presents research that challenges the received history of lucid dreaming. The research was conducted in conjunction with first historiographic dissertation on lucid dreaming which the author is currently completing. Lucid Dreaming, Freud and Jung: Discovering the Dream Process Robert Waggoner Freud and Jung proposed competing theories about the dream process. With the advent of lucid dreaming, psychology now has a revolutionary tool to explore and experiment in the dream space, and determine the validity of these ideas. Already lucid dreamers have begun to do just that. This presentation will explore experiences of lucid dreamers as they consider the ideas of Freud and Jung, while consciously aware in the dream.