Earth Dreaming Symposium Bartnicki, Gerlach-Hansen, Mitchell

Journey to the Center of Wholeness: The Transformative Power of Earth Dreaming Karen J. Bartnicki My Earth dreams have taken me on a journey to a conscious awakening. They have created a sense of terror and fear and led me to a recognition of dreams that came true, awareness of human responsibility for Earth's conditions, and understanding of the helplessness of human beings to fully control their environment. The Earth is a living planet that frequently acts suddenly, surprisingly, and outside human control. My Earth dreams mirror this process and our concerns, requiring us to accept change, destruction, regeneration, and events within and beyond human control. Dreams and an Ecological Age by 2050 Olaf Gerlach-Hansen The paper will relate principles of biomimicry with dreams and dreaming, including discussion of romantic "back to nature" beliefs in ecology and dream studies, "copying nature" in dream theories, Jungian examples in dreams of the principles of biomimicry, the problem of aligning a normative ecological paradigm with dreams "who may not care about ecology," discussing whether there is an inherent tendency of biomimicry in dreams counterbalanced in socialization with "socio-mimicry." We will consider what "an ecological age by 2050" may imply for dreams and dreaming. Dreaming Planet Paco Mitchell For centuries we have labored under materialistic assumptions about the nature of reality. A new paradigm is emerging on the frontiers of cosmology and scientific theory, with surprising parallels between old and new knowledge. Dreams are implicated in the evolutionary impulse, from the Big Bang, through the development of life on Earth, to the troubled present. Most importantly, dreams are a crucial means of envisioning a viable future on the Dreaming Planet.