Extraordinary Dreams Symposium Waggoner, Johnson, Clark, Tsuruta

Awakening Asclepius: Healing Accounts in Lucid Dreams Robert Waggoner Lucid dreaming, the ability to become consciously aware of dreaming while in the dream state, has been used by psychotherapists to deal successfully with recurring nightmares. Less known in the healing community is the use of lucid dreams to deal with physical illness. This presentation will report on a number of healing attempts undertaken while consciously aware in the dream state. Lucid Dreaming, Synaesthesia, and Sleep Disorders: Dreaming into Fiction Clare Johnson (read by Robert Waggoner) Engaging with the dreaming imagination can help in any creative project, often with startlingly original results. The presenter, whose novels are based in dreams, discusses her experiences of dreaming into a subject and elucidates a series of powerful creative breakthroughs. Sometimes waking research is not enough, but fortunately the dreaming mind is gifted at presenting experiential solutions that can support the writing process. This presentation examines dream induction, the possibilities of lucid dreaming, and the wider connection between dreams and creativity. Intuitive Dreaming Laurel Clark Dreams can give us intuitive insight beyond the scope of the waking brain. This paper presents some precognitive dreams that enabled the author to be a healing presence for her husband as he struggled with life-threatening illness, and a visitation dream offering a healing message for humanity after 9/11/2001. Pregnancy Dreams: Between the Earth and the Sky Misa Tsuruta Ancient Greek men dreamed of having offspring without women. On the other hand, women pass down the experience of pregnancy and childbirth among them and from generation to generation. In this presentation the author will discuss how her conception and pregnancy was guided by dreams.