Video Game Play Effects on Dreams Gackenbach, Dopko, Le, Krippner

Video game play and heavy immersion in electronic media affect dream content in a variety of ways. Three dream types or elements have been found to be affected: lucid dreams, nightmares, and bizarreness content. New research on the effect of video game play for each type/element is presented and an analysis of media impact on dreams offered. A Further Exploration of the Lucidity-Gamer Association Jayne Gackenbach, Chair In this study we delved further into the video game play-lucid dream relationship. Participants filled out the “Sleeping Experiences Questionnaire (SEQ)” and the “Subjective Experiences During Sleep (SER)” survey regarding a dream. High-end gamers reported considerably more cognitive type elements associated with lucidity. Video Game Play, Dream Bizarreness and Creativity Raelyne Dopko, Jayne Gackenbach Previous research found that video game players had more bizarre dream elements. It was unclear whether this was due to game content or the creativity of gamers. In this inquiry, high and low end gamers kept a two-week dream diary, answered media questions about their presleep activities and filled out verbal and nonverbal creativity tests. Results are presented. Nightmares of Video Game Players: What do They Look Like? Jason Le, Jayne Gackenbach Nightmares seem to not be associated with daytime video game play according to previous research. In this study we collected two positive and two negative dream examples from high and low end video game players to determine what might be a nightmare for a gamer from their point of view. Results are presented. The Conditional Model of Socialization Effects of Media on Dreams Jayne Gackenbach, Raelyne Dopko While electronic media absorption seems to affect dream content, the question addressed in this study is what elements and types of media have what types of affects. Preliminary analysis showed that interactive media used predream and viewed as relevant to the dream were associated with electronic dream content and high dream control.