Four Perspectives on Soul-Making Pierce, Matheny, Piccolo, Tompkins

Exploring the link between the telos of the human psyche and our relationship to the Earth, this symposium uses personal dreams to illuminate objectifying attitudes in need of reanimation. Just as objectification is necessary for destruction, dreams are key to revitalization by enabling our perception of the material world as alive, ensouled. Dreams As Harbingers of Soul-Making Robert Tompkins Dreams can chart paths of separation from the old and forge a new experience of self, teaching us the radical acceptance and fiery will needed to navigate this re-opening of soul’s loving, embodied relation to an ensouled world. The Young and Wounded Male: The “Other” Within Dawn Matheny Dawn will share her self-study of men and male energy in her dreams over a several year period. Relating and working to understand the inner, disavowed “other” is reanimating and essential to those on a path of wholeness. In the Midst of Death We Are in Life: Dreaming Through the Deadness of Depression Meg Pierce The willing descent into deadness is one way, paradoxically, to find that animating dynamic that can invigorate us. Meg will explore this revitalization of soul and its restoration to the World. Confronting the Dream of Apocalypse Winnie Piccolo Images of chaos, terror, and destruction visit many of us in the night. Winnie will speak on the issue of personal responsibility for the dark, persecutory energies within. Consciousness of our impact on the world is served when we confront the dream of inner apocalypse.