Sex, Relationships and Emotions Zanasi, Navara, Musolino, Jones, Clarke

These four research presentations use content analysis to explore dream imagery in relation to sex, intimate relationships or emotions. The first presents two investigations of dream sexual imagery for Italian and Canadian samples. The second discusses qualitative and quantitative analyses in terms of relationships and dreams. Presentation three discusses waking day depression, anxiety, and dreams. Finally, the fourth presents data on relationships among sexual dream imagery, romantic jealousy and relationship satisfaction. Comparing and Contrasting Dreams with Sexual Imagery across Italian and Canadian Samples M. Zanasi, T.L. DeCicco), G. Musolino Study 1 compares dream content of sexual imagery and emotions for an Italian sample (N=267) and a matched Canadian sample (N=267). Study 2 examines sexual dream content and emotions for 100 Canadian and 100 Italian participants from dreams with sexual content alone. Cultural differences and implications are discussed. Exploring Intimate Relationships with Dreams and Dream Interpretation G.S. Navara, T.L. DeCicco Forty dreams collected from dream journals over a 4 month period were used for both qualitative and quantitative analyses. Both a phenomenological approach and content analysis were employed on both the actual dream content and on the dream interpretation. Results are presented with a particular interest in intimate relationships. Differentiating Anxiety and Depression Using the Storytelling Method of Dream Interpretation and Content Analysis E. Jones, T.L. DeCicco The dreams of 85 community-dwelling young adults were content analyzed, as were the discovery passages from the Storytelling Method of Dream Interpretation. These categories were compared to waking day measures of both depression, as measured by the BDI, and anxiety, as measured by the CES-D. An Investigation among Dreams with Sexual Imagery, Romantic Jealousy and Relationship Satisfaction J. Clarke,, T.L. DeCicco This study extends previous findings on the relationship among dreams with sexual imagery and waking day relationship issues. Content analysis categories from the dreams of 100 university students are compared to waking day measures of romantic jealousy and relationship satisfaction.