The Secret History of Dreaming Robert Moss

We’ve been missing a vital part of the history we need to know – how dreams, coincidence and imagination have driven great lives and great events in every field, from war to healing, from science to religion. History without the inner side is as shallow as history without economics, and as boring as history without sex. In this high-octane presentation, Robert Moss restores the inner dimension to our understanding of how things happen in our world. We’ll learn how a dream led directly to one of the biggest oil finds in history, how Mark Twain’s life was guided by coincidence and how Harriet Tubman was able to guide escaping slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad because in dreams she could fly like a bird. We’ll explore the role of imagination in healing, from the Asklepian dream temples of the ancient Mediterranean to the new chapter in mind-body medicine just opening. We’ll hear about the new discipline Moss calls “dream archeology” and why we need the skills of both shamans, scholars and detectives to fathom the past and to prepare for the changes coming in the future history of our world.