Extraordinary/Psi Dreams Symposium Savsunenko, Brink, Graff, Van de Castle

Findings of Lucid Dreamers in the Ukraine Oleksandr Savsunenko An amateur lucid dreaming group in the Ukraine sought to investigate various aspects of lucid dreaming, including factors that influence the frequency of lucid dreaming, lucid dreaming in a possible NREM state, and the possibility of mutual lucid dreams. The group, MSU (which translates as "Free Mind"), has conducted informal studies in lucid dreaming since 2005. Quantum Dreaming: The Dream's Place in the Universe Nicholas Brink Changes in scientific thinking as described by Jean Gebser and Fritjof Capra suggest that dreaming will play a more central place in understanding life. I will describe these changes and how dreaming fits into this new thinking. Then I will push limits to describe where I think dreaming can go. Exploring the Psi Dreaming Process Dale E. Graff A direct comparison of psi dream imagery with the content of pictures in psi dream projects provided insight into the psi dreaming process. Pictures with a variety of content led to inferences about how the psi target is presented to dream awareness. The psi targets were in the local area or at distances of 8,000 miles. Some targets were pictures in future news articles. There is evidence of an adaptive pattern-matching process. Concepts based on a global mind hologram and nonlocal phenomenon in quantum physics are considered. ESP and Dreams: Past, Present and Future Research Robert L. Van de Castle This presentation covers a brief history of ESP in dreams back to Biblical times, studies of psychic dreams carried out in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and work at Maimonides Hospital. It concludes with a survey of recent ASD telepathy contests and their implications for understanding "group entanglement" in the results obtained. Suggestions for future research include the possible relevance of geo-magnetic forces, organ transplants, psychic bonds between identical twins and intentional connections between lucid dreamers.