Cultural Symposium Dupuis, Schmaltz, Condron, Nelson

Shamanic Dreams Following Munay-Ki Rites Laurette Dupuis, Chair Fifteen women and men from Quebec attended a retreat to receive the Munay-Ki, a set of nine shamanic rites from the Andes. These rites of initiation are conferred upon men and women when they are ready to become a person of wisdom and power. They facilitate the transformation of consciousness and guide people on their journey towards healing, wholeness, love and light. This presentation describes three of the rites and discusses three dreams that took place shortly following the retreat to find evidence of incorporation of elements of the rites; to recognize signs that the dreamer has been invested with the powers or wisdom conferred by the rites; and also to highlight and honor guidance to fully integrate the wisdom received. The goal of the dreamwork is particularly important because the transmission, although it can be fully experienced on a subtle level, can then be confirmed by the dream. Dreaming and the Origin of Language Arthur Schmaltz The dream process may be the natural system upon which human language evolved. Some languages are structured to make it transparent that dreaming is actively at work in the act of creating social reality through discourse. The West Greenland Inuit are at the high end of being a “dream integrated” culture. For the Inuit, the dream process is actively involved in structuring their ecological, social, and spiritual reality. I describe how the grammar, syntax and semantics of West Greenlandic are isomorphic with the way metaphors are created in dreams. The Global View 2008: The Subconscious View of Life on Planet Barbara Condron Among the 200 participants included in the “moon” experiments January 22 through March 7, 2008, twenty-four dreamers live outside the United States. By pairing these 24 participants with a sampling of U.S. participants, dream similarities and differences were studied. What did these dreamers dream? 108 dreams were recorded and submitted, a subconscious snapshot of the inner consciousness of the people on the planet. This presentation offers a global view of dream content and dream states. Dreaming in Early America Geoff Nelson The current dreamwork movement, of which IASD is a leading proponent, is part of a historical continuum, going back to earliest times. In the Early days of the American Colonies and the new nation of the USA, dreams played a key role in the culture of the colonists and the new nation. This paper will present an overview of that activity with some dream samples illustrating the practices used then.