Spiritual Symposium Van de Catle, Baylis, Davenport, Condron

Angels in Dreams: Do They Originate From Internal or External Sources? Robert L. Van de Castle, Chair and Janice Baylis Dr. Van de Castle collected 100+ accounts of dreams involving angels. He will discuss accounts which suggest these dreams might be attributable to altered ego states similar to the concept of the ISH (Internal Self Helper) appearing in cases of MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). The more traditional view taken toward angels is that they serve as messengers sent from a higher spiritual source to assist humankind. Dr. Baylis will discuss examples of dreams describing the physical appearance of angels as well as some of their helpful roles in providing warnings, comfort, healing and inspiration to dreamers. The Owl and the Pussycat: Animal Visitations in Dreams and Waking Life Katrina Martin Davenport Follow a dreamer through a month of phenomenal dream and waking-life interactions with owls, cats, hawks, and her inner artist. See what happens when group and individual dreamwork and synchronicities speak directly to her soul, illuminating her path and lighting a fire that leads to amazing life changes. Witness the power of deep dreamwork in action. Extraordinary, PSI, and Repetitive Dreams Daniel Condron Is it possible to predict the outcome of events in our lives based on repetitive and recurring dreams? Forty years of studying thousands of dreams from hundreds of dreamers, at the School of Metaphysics and in private consultation, indicate repetitive dreams move toward a climax. Three common repetitive dream themes will be examined: (1) being in school long after the dreamer graduated, (2) being in houses that keep changing, and (3) a deceased person who is alive in the dream. We explore the commonalities in how this happens by drawing on dream experiences of famous and not-so-famous people.