Research Seminar Perrine Ruby, Willem Fermont

Meaningful Novelty Processing During Sleep in Dreamers versus Non-Dreamers: An ERP Study Perrine Ruby Does dreaming modify the cerebral processing of external stimuli? For example, can we find an effect of dreaming on brain responses evoked by meaningful sounds presented during sleep? To test this hypothesis, we investigated brain reactivity (using event-related potentials) to verbal and meaningful novel auditory stimuli during wakefulness and sleep in two groups, Dreamers and Non-Dreamers. Disentangling Patterns of Variance in Dream Reports: Bridging Art and Science Willem Fermont A longitudinal study of 328 dream reports and annotations is presented showing that dream volume is extremely variable, but, over long time, remarkably constant and that dream recall “decay” is a consequence of reporting attitudes. Dream and annotation reporting styles evolve differently. The observed patterns are assigned to the author’s mechanism of dream interpretation. With time, dream constituents seem to become interpreted and consolidated less coherently. Significance monitoring reveals pre-conscious patterns of behavioural change. We hypothesise that the patterns relate to driving artistic creativity mechanisms. This hypothesis is underpinned by authentic dream drawings.