Theory Seminar Jennifer Windt, Tony Hawkins

Are We Really Deceived by Our Dreams? Integrating the Perspectives of Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind Jennifer M. Windt, Chair Dreaming raises questions about our ability to acquire knowledge about the world, and about the conscious experience of dreaming. The former have been extensively discussed in the epistemological debate on dream skepticism, whereas the latter are related to the ongoing controversy on the status of dreams as conscious experiences. This paper confronts classical dream skepticism with empirical dream research and philosophy of mind, suggesting a revised version of dream skepticism built on different scenarios of actual dream deception. Consequences for philosophical and empirical theories of dreaming are discussed. Intimations of the Infinite Nature of Being from Recollections of Personal Dreams Tony Hawkins The universe is an infinity strikingly manifest in intelligent beings. Acquiring and maintaining the awareness of this manifestation is essential, yet many of our educational systems and scientific paradigms suppress it. Dreams bring us, in self-discovery, experiential knowledge of our link with higher intelligence. The presenter's personal dreams and thoughts are offered in illustration.