Prodromal Dreams A. Leuthold, M. Tauben

Dreams can be diagnostic of medical conditions. This slide show of images related to prodromal dreams will include a review of the literature, and anecdotal reports of prodromal dreams furnished to the presenter and other dream researchers. Illness as Foretold in Dreams Anita Leuthold A Swiss surgeon, who immigrated to the USA in 1971, was diagnosed in 1984 with a tumor in the brainstem. He was operated immediately and again in the following year. He died in 1989. His meticulous dream journals reveal that his dreams presaged the tumor as much as 11 years before the medical diagnosis. Twelve dreams, extracted from the surgeonís journals, point the growth of a lethal tumor in the brain; all were carefully chronicled and illustrated. Illness in Dreams: Physical and/or Symbolic Reality? Marianne Tauber Part two offers sequential dream material for discussion. Whereas part one leads up to the first operation the Swiss surgeon had to undergo, we here look at some of his dreams and extensive elaborations between the first and the second operation, a year later. We are to witness a profound struggle between (in Jungian terms) the ego and the Self, until the moment of surrender, with the medical diagnosis of recurrence.