Clearing the Vessel Through Which Healing Flows Daniel Benor

The more clear and focused the healer and healee, the more likely will be a positive result with healing interventions. This workshop will introduce WHEE: Wholisitc Hybrid derived from EMDR and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). WHEE is a rapid, potent self-healing method, easily learned, easy to use, tremendously empowering. Many factors influence the clarity of healers’ and healees’ intents: steadiness of focus; needs and desires of the healee for healing; needs of the healee for holding on to symptoms and illnesses; ego involvement of the healer; anxieties and fears of healers and healees may impede healing; discomfort with sensitive issues such as death and dying, severe traumas or other issues. WHEE can help to clear all of these. More on WHEE: