Beyond Community Acupuncture Christian Nix, Lac; Tatyana Ryevzina, Lac

Community Acupuncture is a high-volume sliding scale fee practice model. Its intention is to provide affordable acupuncture for working class and middle class patients and patients who lack insurance coverage for acupuncture while providing the acupuncturist with a fulfilling workplace. Its broader purpose is to increase healthcare accessibility and build community. Join two successful Community Acupuncture practitioners as they share their perspectives on starting and managing a community-style acupuncture practice. Participants will gain insight into different approaches to this innovative practice model, including discussion of critical success factors, strategies for integrating a community-style model into more mainstream settings, and the essential skills needed for competent practice and administration of a Community Acupuncture clinic. The session will encourage critical thinking and discussion about the practice of acupuncture in America.