Opening Evening of the 9th World Congress on Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Keynote Presentation: Integrative East West Medicine: A Potential Solution to the Health Care Crisis Ka Kit Hui, MD, Founder and Director of the Center for East-West Medicine at UCLA Medical School Client Testimonial Panel • Elizabeth Monacelli • Clare Dolan Ancient Qigong Chinese Secret Ways of Healing Chronic Conditions Yan WANG, MD, Holland Prevent and Manage Cancer and other Diseases Naturally Tom Wu, NMD, PhD, MD(France) Heart disease is the # 1 killer in U.S.A. with cancer ranking #2. More than 1.2M cases have been diagnosed each year and half of those diagnosed result in death. Because of its prolonged and painful course this condition makes cancer one of the most feared conditions in the world. The western medical establishment, the drug industries, and the supplement industries have no miracle bullet to heal this condition. The only way is to take charge of your own health and become a vigilant warrior for your own destiny by changing your own diet, lifestyle and control your emotional stress. Qigong exercise plays a necessary and important role to increase your immune system to let the body heal itself. We call it “oriental medicine without medication”. How to take care of your own health, how to change your diet & lifestyle and how to practice Qigong self healing and interface with disease are the subject of learning in this self care seminar. You will learn how to conquer disease with just simple foods, diet and supplements in combination with self practice of reflexology. External Qi—Its Quantum Theoretical Formulation and Experimental Evidence Shui Yin Lo, PhD, faculty member at University of Melbourne, California Institute of Technology; Professor of Research in Chinese Medicine at American Complementary Medicine of Physics, Los Angeles, CA The basis of external qi is explained through quantum theory in a down to earth fashion. Data of more than three hundred cases of healing with external qi will be presented. Two documentaries will be shown that have the results of collaboration with three medical professors from UC Irvine. Finally live experimental demonstration with infrared imaging system for the effect on volunteers will be done. Distant Healing Dr. Qin Xiping, Japan Shaolin Temple’s Grand Master, 34th generation of Grand Master of Shaolin Kungfu, Director of the Shaolin Temple and The All Japan Shaolin Temple Qigong Association. Group Meditation and Blessings to End the Evening Qigong Program.