The ICE Approach to Non-Surgical Orthopedics Frank Lipman, MD; Marty Jaramillo, PT

Frank Lipman, MD, Founder and Director, Eleven Eleven Wellness Center; Marty Jaramillo, PT, ATC, CSCS, Co-owner and CEO, The I.C.E. Sports Health Group Contemporary Western Medicine has not been as successful as it could be in treating non-surgical orthopedic conditions for two main reasons. First, it ignores the dynamic compensations that occur within the musculo-skeletal system, often far away from the source of injury. Second, it has a poor understanding of the intimate relationships of the various “soft tissue systems” surrounding a region. Soft tissue dysfunctions are extremely common problems with patients. Dr. Frank Lipman and Marty Jaramillo, PT will present their successful integrated approach, which they have developed over years of working together. This functional approach to Orthopedics combines Functional Medicine for a global assessment, Acupuncture to modulate the nervous system and affect fascial changes and aggressive hands-on Physical Therapy to manipulate and affect change in soft-tissue restrictions. This prepares the patient for a comprehensive fitness program that emphasizes the “Core,” and minimizes muscular imbalances and “Relative Weaknesses.” Their team approach does more than treat symptoms alone, but rather sees improving function as essential. Improving function of the musculoskeletal system will lead to improved physiological function across all systems. They will also present exciting new research demonstrating why this is so, and how and why these techniques work.