A Cultural Experience: Qigong and TCM Chow, Li, Hayano, Yang, Sheng et al.

The Qigong & TCM 9th World Congress is comprised of the following three parts: (1) theory, (2) demonstrations, and (3) experiential. When all these three components come together a better understanding and use of Qigong and TCM will occur. Scientists, health care professionals, and other attendees will leave with truly a new and vital experience to improve their health and the health of their clients/patients. National Geographic will set up a laboratory to measure martial arts, produced films on the powerful impact of the human machine. Instrumental research data will be shown on the measurements of energy before and after practice of martial arts and Qigong demonstrations. Scientists and physicians have expressed amazement and appreciation for seeing the cultural demonstrations and experiential aspects of Qigong and could better understand their scientific presentations in relationship to how Qigong actually works. Data of instrumental measurements of Qi will be presented by Dr. Chow, Masters Tu (both with GDV – Dr. Korotkov of St. Petersburg, Russia), and Jixing Li (research in both Japan and inUSA). Overview of Chinese Cultural Concepts of Health and Medicine: Qigong Masters’ Demonstration • Dr. Effie Chow: USA, Breath, Brushing, and Diffusion of Qi for relief of conditions. • Dr. Sadao Hayano – laying on of hands • Jixing Li, Qigong Master: Japan, Remote transmission of Qi • Master Stanley Ngui: Canada, hands-on healing • Dr. Qin Xiping: Japan, Distance Emission of Qi Diagnostics of energy and Rebalancing Dr. Julia Tsuei, (Taiwan) formerly with University of Hawaii and the Taiwan University Extreme Strength and Power Dr. Yang Yang: Demonstrates Tai Chi Forms Chin-Sheng Tu, Grandmaster: 99 Super Power Qigong and Wushu Jack Tu, Julie Tu, Jenny Tu, & Jimmy Tu: Martial Arts Demonstrations Music Ensemble for Qi Dancing led by Dr. Chow and other Qigong Masters Participation for all. Evening Program Closing with Masters Blessings for Health and for the 9th World Congress on Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine