The Bidirectional Brain-Joint Connection Prof. Hans-Georg Schaible, MD

Dr. Schaible is a researcher and teacher of Physiology. As a researcher he started originally with investigations into the neuronal mechanisms of joint pain. He was one of the first to address the plasticity of the nociceptive system during inflammation. More recently he has also studied the influences of the nervous system on the inflammatory process in the joint. He believes that the nervous system may take an active part in the progression of disease because the actions of the immune system and the nervous system are highly interactive. In his opinion the understanding of a disease must be interdisciplinary and integrative allowing views from various points of view. He believes physiological studies are useful for the understanding of both the disease process in itself as well as the accompanying symptoms and also for the understanding of treatment alternatives, including complementary medicine. As a Professor he teaches all fields of physiology to students of medicine, dental medicine and pharmacy, and he contributes to pain courses for doctors of all disciplines.