Various Topics Cuellar, Zick, Gardiner et al.

Various topics Chair: Suzanna Zick, Arne Johan Nordheim Objective Measures of Sleep in Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research Cuellar, Norma O-039 Chamomile High Grade Extract for Chronic Primary Insomnia: A Randomized Controlled Trial Zick, Suzanna O-040 A randomized control trial of massage therapy for patients undergoing port placement Gardiner, Paula O-041 Impact of eurythmy therapy on fatigue and health related quality of life Kanitz, Jenny Lena O-042 A More Personalised Approach: Randomised Control Trial on the Effectiveness of Traditional-Chinese-Medicine-Syndrome-Tailored Dietary Advice for Patients with Acne Law, Michelle O-043 Post Hoc Estimation of Sample Powers of Randomized Trials on Chinese Medicine for the Treatment of Diabetic Kidney Diseases: An Empirical Study Fei, Yutong O-044