Patients' Perspectives I Salamonsen, Sirois, Brien et al.

Patients’ perspectives I Sarah Brien, Anita Salamonsen From Recipient to Explorer. The Choice and Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine as a Tool for Coping with Multiple Sclerosis Salamonsen, Anita – O-045 “I would be foolish to stop something that has helped” Reasons for Continuing Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Sirois, Fuschia – O-046 Patient Centred Integrated Medicine in the Management of Chronic Illness: a Qualitative Study Brien, Sarah – O- 047 Experiences of receiving abdominal massage Lämås, Kristina – O-048 Alternative medicine acknowledged as a no-risk health regime: A sociological perspective on CAM clients’ bodily experiences Pedersen, Inge Kryger – O-049 CAM and the development of self in chronic illness: a single case study Taylor-Swanson, Lisa – O-050