Practitioners' Issues (WITH #330) Porcino, Neumann, Alcantara et al.

Practitioners’ issues Chair: Lesley Braun, Arne Johan Norheim Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioners’ Perceptions of Evidence Porcino, Antony – O-068 Can clinician-patient communication increase the efficacy of medical treatments and/or substitute them? A theoretical and methodological reflection on the specific effect of the clinician Neumann, Melanie – O-063 Wellness and the practice of chiropractic Alcantara, Joel – O-064 The Prevalence and experience of Naturopaths and Western herbalists working in Australian Community Pharmacy Braun, Lesley – O-065 Evidence Based Decision Making in Ayurvedic clinical practice: Envisaging a Prototype PAQ (Prakriti Analysis Questionnaire ) as a potential tool to intervene Rastogi, Sanjeev – O-066 Surveying Canadian regulated CAM schools: Are future practitioners well prepared for research, evidence-based health care and interprofessional collaboration? Toupin April, Karine – O-067