Methods Aickin, Kaschel, Relton

Methods Chair: Mikel Aickin, Jianping Liu SPICER: Studies in Patient-oriented Informatics for Comparative Effectiveness Research Aickin, Mikel O-109 Single-case experimental designs for CAM research Kaschel, Reiner O-110 Improving CAM pragmatic RCTs: the 'Cohort multiple RCT design' Relton, Clare O-111 Systematic reviews of N-of-1 methods, analysis and meta-analysis Vohra, Sunita O-112 CONSORT Extension for N-of-1 Trials (CENT) guidelines Vohra, Sunita O-113 Broadening Outcome Measures to Include the Ripple Effects of Healing Ritenbaugh, Cheryl O-114