Cancer II Lewith, Seely, Pilkington et al.

Cancer II Chair: Karen Pilkington, Jianping Liu Oral Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) as an adjuvant treatment during chemotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer: a systematic review Lewith, George – O-121 A systematic literature review on reviews and meta-analyses of biologically based CAM-practices for cancer patients Paludan-Mόller, Christine – O-122 Vitamin A for Prevention and Treatment of Lung Cancer: A Systematic Review Seely, Dugald – O-123 CAM and prostate cancer research: the full picture? Pilkington, Karen – O-124 Supportive treatment concepts with fermented mistletoe (Viscum album L.) extracts in cancer patients – summary results from four controlled pharmaco-epidemiological cohort studies with a total of 3,376 patients Schlaeppi, Marc – O-125 Traditional Chinese medicine in cancer care: a review of case reports published in Chinese literature Liu, Jianping – O-126