Patients' Perspectives II Ostermann, Hunter, Bishop

Patients’ perspectives II Chair: Thomas Ostermann, Marja Verhoef Inner involvement in the performance of Eurythmy Therapy and Yoga: A validation study Ostermann, Thomas – O-133 Systematic review of patient reported measurement tools for routine use in primary care integrative medicine Hunter, Jennifer – O-134 How do patients choose acupuncturists? A mixed methods project Bishop, Felicity – O-135 Patient participation, engagement and self-help in classical (five element) acupuncture consultations Paterson, Charlotte – O-136 “If it works, it works”: A patient’s perspective on how acupuncture works Stuardi, Tracy – O-137 “When I first started going I was going in on my knees, but I came out and I was skipping”: exploring RA patients’ perceptions of receiving treatment with acupuncture Hughes, John G. – O-138