Japanese Kampo Medicine: Research and Practice Watanabe, Cameron, Sakiyama, Oikawa et al.

This first international workshop on Japanese Kampo Medicine gives the opportunity to get an overview and to discuss research and clinical practice of Kampo. With its roots in ancient Chinese medicine, Kampo Medicine obtained unique features in Japan. As most complex traditional medical systems, Japanese Kampo Medicine today stands in the center of a conflict to preserve its traditional heritage on the one hand and to become an accepted and integrative part of modern medicine on the other hand. After introducing and defining the special features of Japanese Kampo medicine we will address in three sessions the following aspects: 1. Aspects of preclinical and clinical pharmacological research, 2. Current evidence on clinical research and its methodology, 3. International aspects of Kampo Medicine. The workshop will include thirteen presentations and will give room for discussions. We brought together experienced researchers and clinicians from Japan and different Western countries in the field of Kampo Medicine. The goal of the workshop is to find out the core issues for future research and collaboration within an international context.