The Imaginal Realm of Dissociation: The Archetypal Nature of Trauma in Light of Quantum Physics / Judith Harris

JUDITH HARRIS In traumatic situations we commonly dissociate, or separate from what has been too overwhelming to integrate. Quantum Physics can teach us that the apparent void or vacuum that appears in the dissociation defense is actually a Zero-Point Field, teeming with creative possibilities. Is it possible that these dark and frightening and far-away places in the traumatic experience actually are connected to one another in a very meaningful way? Incorporating attachment theory, we will look at how the unified energy field of quantum physics can help heal the profound sense of separation and alienation we have felt, not only from our original caregivers but also from our bodies and ultimately from our true natures as well. In these dark moments, somehow we must try to remember that the creative process is actually a way of sorting and ordering experience that comes as we begin to penetrate and connect to what we know as the abyss of nothingness. From here there is a possibility of healing. JUDITH HARRIS, M.A., is a Jungian analyst and yoga teacher, practicing in London, Ontario, Canada. She teaches regularly with The Marion Woodman Foundation and at The International School of Analytical Psychology in Zürich, Switzerland. She is the author of Jung and Yoga: the Psyche-Body Connection and of a forthcoming book, Shattering the Vessel: The Archetype of Trauma.