Keynote Address Jerome Wagner, Ph.D.

The Rosetta Stone provides a way of deciphering some languages that otherwise would not have been understood. The Enneagram presents a system for understanding physical, psychological, and spiritual realities whose relationships might otherwise not have been perceived. While the Rosetta Stone is straightforward in its translation, the Enneagram, having moved from a more tradition-based approach to a community- of -knowers approach, is open to interpretation regarding how realities get plotted on it. As a “map of sense and soul,” the Enneagram spans both science and spirit and enjoys a creative tension between the two. Jerry will present his ideas about the Enneagram as a decoding device for sense and soul. He will speak to the advantages and disadvantages of shifting from a dogmatic to a democratic approach in studying the Enneagram; about different ways of knowing, from science to séance; and about his own experiences of the Enneagram as a useful fiction.