Utilizing the Enneagram in Addictions Treatment Michael Naylor

This session will discuss the use of the Enneagram with individuals in early recovery and the use of the Enneagram at different stages of addiction recovery. Each type will be discussed and the particular struggles each type encounters in early recovery and later recovery will be addressed. This will be helpful both to counselors who are trying to understand the sometimes unusual dynamics of early stage recovery individuals, and helpful to those who wish to understand themselves or loved ones on the path of recovery. Michael Naylor is an Authorized Riso-Hudson Enneagram Teacher and a Faculty in Training at the Enneagram Institute. He teaches workshops in Maine and New England for students and for clinicians. Naylor is the clinical supervisor of Serenity House, a residential treatment facility for men recovering from addiction, and has been in the addictions field for 25 years. He also conducts Courageous Menís Intimacy Groups and has a private practice.