Exploring Instincts and Instinctual Intelligence Center Through Movement - Maura A. Bonanno

This workshop introduces the exploration of our instinctual intelligence centre and the instincts through movement. The method is inspired by the common statements recognizable between the Enneagram teaching, the anthropology of movements and rituals, and the search for the “universal gesture” in the “modern primitive” dance technique. Through primal movements, we can explore some of our deep structures related to the instinctual drives, waking up the rhythmic sources of these forces with awareness and discover how they affect our lives. By recognizing and allowing the flow of this natural energy in our body, we can bring to light new aspects of ourselves and open the possibility for freeing our instinctual intelligence. Maura Amelia Bonanno is a cultural anthropologist and holistic counsellor. She has been trained in N.L.P., bioenergetics, classical and contemporary dance, dance therapy, expression primitive and the Enneagram with different schools, completing the Enneagram Institute training program. She has developed a specific approach involving the three Intelligence Centres and integrates theory, movement and meditation.