The Enneagram Game: Life Prison© Free Your Mind - Per Striegler

In the board game Life Prison® you will gain new insight into yourself and others, making personal development through serious play. Life Prison® is a board game taking place in a huge lifetime-prison. You must obtain freedom and freedom is in the answers. You will find the answers through psychological and coaching questions. Life Prison® proves that personal development and growth can be fun and educational. Imagine if you and millions of people all over the world could be assisted to a greater self-insight and better quality of life through this game. The game is based on dilemmas, famous personality types and challenges. It has been part of the Danish national TV-show called The Best Idea in Denmark. Per Striegler holds a Master of Science (Business) from Copenhagen Business School. He has his own consultancy in Human Resource Management and Development. Most of his time he develops edutaining learning games for corporations and homes.