Archetype and Imagery in the Enneagram Gina Thomas

Viewed through the lens of depth psychology, the Enneagram types appear to be archetypes, which are universal, autonomous patterns in the psyche that filter and structure our experience. Imagery is an essential aspect of the archetype, and imagery is largely missing from Enneagram literature and scholarship. This workshop will help to fill in the missing gap by sharing results of a study that sought to discover what imagery, symbols and metaphors are most representative of the nine Enneagram types. During this workshop, we will explore the narrative themes that arose for each of the types, as well as view the drawings and sculptures created by over 100 participants who were interviewed. We will also discuss implications of this work, particularly the insights that depth psychology can offer to students of the Enneagram. Gina Thomas, M.A. has studied the Enneagram since 1992. As a certified Enneagram teacher and a scholar of depth psychology, Gina is currently working to bridge the two fields for a deeper understanding of personality and the psyche. She is author of the forthcoming book, The Archetypal Enneagram.