Fundamental Hieroglyph: The Enneagram and Mathematics - Katrina Stevens (Popular at event)

When Gurdjieff referred to the Enneagram diagram as the ‘fundamental hieroglyph of a universal language’ he had good reason to do so: encoded within it is a comprehensive understanding of the universe and the place of human beings within it. Considered by him to be the ‘philosopher’s stone’, Gurdjieff maintained that, like the Rosetta Stone, unless its meaning was decrypted and translated, the Enneagram framework would remain incomplete, theoretical in form and impossible to make any practical use of. This presentation utilizes Mathematics and the identification of mathematical patterns to interpret and understand the meaning of the Enneagram diagram and its accompanying framework. Exploring the mathematical elements of the diagram itself, the presentation tracks the development of mathematical thought and delves into the intriguing and often interwoven lives of famous mathematicians throughout the ages - many of whom were also philosophers and mystics. By cross referencing mathematics with elements of philosophy and theology, this presentation argues for the importance of understanding the Enneagram beyond simply understanding the psychology of the types. The session will start you on a journey toward the Divine, where the distinctions between science and religion, the material and the spiritual, the physical and metaphysical are transmuted in light of mystical mathematics. Katrina Stevens consults to organizations on the impact of personality on individual and team performance. She has extensive experience in education, training and finance and has been studying the Enneagram with Australia’s pre-eminent Enneagram Teacher, David Burke, for more than a decade. She is the Director of Studies at the Australian Institute for Enneagram Studies (AIES).