Expanding the Frame of Reality: Unlocking the Inner Story - Roxanne Howe-Murphy

We will explore the ‘Unlocking the Inner Story,’ a presence-based discovery process tool that supports the unconscious becoming conscious by heightening awareness of how each of the interwoven elements reinforce and strengthen a particular inner story, creating a limited and distorted frame of reality. The session will include illuminating common inner story themes and learning how the uninterrupted storyline works. Attendees will have the opportunity to practice the Inner Story Process and discover personal markers where a story can be interrupted and a new frame of reality created. They will leave with a tool which can be used for self-coaching or in professional coaching, healing, and other therapeutic environments.. Roxanne Howe-Murphy, Ed.D., author of Deep Coaching: Using the Enneagram as a Catalyst for Profound Change, founded the Deep Coaching Certification Program. An authorized teacher for Riso-Hudson workshops, she directs the Enneagram Institute of the San Francisco Bay Area. She coaches midlife professionals and executives.