The Shadow, The Divine, and the Integration - Ben Saltzman

We use the Enneagram on our spiritual journey to open to deeper expressions of Connection, Presence and Oneness. There are aspects of our self that we have rejected in our spiritual journey that become our disowned shadow. Shadow elements can cause mischief in our relationships, reduce our capacity to receive abundance, and sabotage us when we are at the edge of success. We donít have to be at the mercy of our rejected shadow. We can explore the parts of self that we have rejected, and bring them back into the whole. We can move through the pain of the shadow and into the felt experience of our Divine Essence. Sitting in Essence, embodying Essence, and speaking from Essence, is deeply healing work. In this program you will explore the shadow elements of your ego, embody various Divine energies, and integrate the two in live time using the Big Mind process developed by Zen Master Genpo Roshi. For the past decade Ben Saltzman, has been exploring the cutting edge of personal development where psychological growth meets spiritual transformation and will bring that exploration to this program. Ben Saltzman is a seminar leader, international speaker, author of numerous CD sets, and the DVD program, Transformational Coaching with the Enneagram. Ben teaches on Abundance and Spiritual Transformation at the InnerLight Ministries church. He co-founded the Israeli Enneagram Center where he facilitates the master level classes.