The Relationship Between Enneagram Type and Health - Margaret Buring

This presentation will build on the information presented in 2009. The study is ongoing, and it is anticipated that further fascinating information will be revealed in relation to both the centres of intelligence and the individual types, with an increased level of statistical significance as the numbers increase. This is being built on the vast experience and observations made by David Burke through the operation of the weekly panels, and his extensive work in business, and my clinical observations in my medical practice over the last seven years. The results of the study and case studies will be included in the presentation. Dr. Margaret Buring worked for many years with the Red Cross Blood Service. Following a mystical experience and participating in a meditation retreat, she returned to clinical medicine, and now works in a metropolitan practice, a semirural practice, and is VMO to a Correctional Centre. She is an Enneagram teacher and is also an IEA accredited teacher.