The Enneagram and the Twelve Steps Merri Monks & Deborah Ooten

How can a person in Twelve-Step recovery benefit from knowing about the Enneagram? In many ways and respects, the program Bill Wilson and Bob Smith created nearly 70 years ago has many parallels in the spiritual aspects of the Enneagram. Both are ways of balancing areas of instinctual life through spiritual practice and self-examination. This session will examine, through didactic and Narrative Tradition panels, the benefits of combining the Twelve Steps and the Enneagram as spiritual practice—to enhance the quality of life for recovering individuals, as well as providing this information as a basis for therapeutic intervention with individuals in Twelve-Step recovery. Merri M. Monks, M.A. is certified by Palmer/Daniels to teach the Enneagram. She is an educator, writer, and consultant who currently works with associations, school districts, and library consortia in the Chicago metro area. She develops and presents continuing education programs and management seminars and has a private coaching practice. Merri has been working the Steps for 18 years