Anger In Our Lives and Relationships David Daniels

Anger is an incredibly constructive or destructive force in our lives. It can be used for the conversion of energy to our best self or tear our relationships apart. What is angerís function in our lives? What causes it or drives it? And most importantly how can we use anger in our psychological and spiritual development? This workshop explores these crucial issues and provides ways to befriend, understand, and work constructively with each typeís anger issues. Participants can expect to change their relationship to anger, understand each typeís anger responses, and gain heightened inner freedom and calm. The workshop will use lecture, inner practice, practical exercises, panel work, and discussion. David Daniels, clinical professor of Psychiatry at Stanford University, co-founded and teaches the Enneagram Professional Training Program in the Narrative Tradition. His experience includes individual and group dynamics, couples therapy, and clinical applications of the Enneagram. He co-authored Violence and the Struggle for Existence (Little Brown, 1970) that addressed issues in human violence and aggression