How to Use the Enneagram in Psychotherapy Belinda Gore

The focus of this program is to present practical details of how to apply the Enneagram as both a worldview and a tool in guiding the process of personal change. The objectives are to conceptualize the process of change, to utilize the structural underpinning of the types to understand the issues underlying the clientís identified need, and to develop strategies that are effective for the client because they are tailored to fit the individualís need. This is not a "cookbook" of ideas for working with the types but rather a conceptual basis for developing creative interventions for individual clients. Belinda Gore has maintained a private practice as a psychologist for twenty years. She is the director of The Enneagram Institute of Central Ohio and teaches workshops and intensive study groups for therapists and other professionals. Belinda has been a certified instructor with Riso and Hudson since 1994.