Mona Coates / Lovemaps, Sexual "Fits and Misfits"(Very Popular)

What factors actually determine how some relationships are strengthened and sustained, even during profound crises, while others crumble and dissolve? This workshop will take a serious look into the meaning and importance of lovemaps for establishing and especially maintaining long-term love relationships. The Enneagram will be used to determine what elements are relevant, or perhaps vitally necessary, for a romantic relationship to thrive. What explains our profound attraction to one person and not another? What triggers or restricts our trust, excitement, empathy, and desire to know another person? Case studies will be presented in order to demonstrate the personality dynamics and differences that either deepen or diminish the quality of our sexual and romantic interests. Mona Coates, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist in private practice for over 30 years, a popular lecturer, college professor emeritus of Human