Russ Hudson & Jessica Dibb / Accelerating and Deepening Spiritual and Life Practices through the Enneagram (Popular)

Throughout history, human beings have yearned to be one with their True Nature. To this end, they have created many practices to reach their full potential, and to integrate their deeper realizations into daily life. Yet, for all the beauty and wisdom of these practices, the invitation to awakening is often not fully realized. One reason for this is that our personality generates an orientation toward practice that ends up using any genuine openings to Essence for the ego’s purposes. The Enneagram is remarkable in its ability to show us the core fixations and tendencies that repeatedly usurp the fruits of our inner work. Understanding this helps us find the real power in a practice. In this highly experiential session, Jessica and Russ will guide participants in fundamental practices. They will explain three simple points of awareness that can be used in any personal practice to support its being truly holistic and integral. We will learn each type’s mistakes of orientation toward practice, and one thing each type can do to prevent the ego fixation from co-opting our breakthroughs. Having explored right