Khristian Paterhan / Life Cycles, Hermetic Laws and Enneagram

Enneagram is more than a typology. Khristian Paterhan has been researching this symbol for more than 20 years according to the teachings left by G.I.Gurdjieff and he has been discovering many things. Among them the relation between Enneagram and the theory of Seven Years, (seven-year life cycles) and the famous Seven Hermetic Principles from the wizard Hermes Trimegistos to whom we owe the origin of the Hermetic Philosophy. Based on the movement of the circle of the Enneagram and in its periodic decimal, he has created a program that allows us to calculate the cycles of life and their relation with the seven hermetic principles and the points of Enneagram. This map will help the user to develop one’s personal and professional life getting what s/he wants more easily. In this workshop the participants will be initiated in this process and will then be able to access and use it more deeply via Paterhan’s web platform. Professor Paterhan, Chilean, a graduate of Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing, is a forward-thinking, dynamic individual who utilizes his expertise in the field of Enneagram to coach people in their personal and professional lives through therapy, trainings, workshops and lectures. He is a business counselor and works for different companies helping his clients develop leadership, make changes and raise the consciousness of their potentialities. He is a self-activated leader and the founder/president of Instituto para o Desenvolvimento Humano Integral- IDHI (Total Human Development Institute-IDHI) and author of three books including the best-seller: Enneagram- A Pathway for the Individual and Professional Success (Madras Publisher). He is also the author of the Upgrade Nine:Enneagram & NLP Training©, where individuals and groups are empowered under his guidance.