Dianne Collins and Alan Collins / Real Time Quantum Leaps: The Wisdom of Planetary Energy, Quantum Think and the Enneagram

The intent of this lively interactive coaching dialogue is for participants to experience real time quantum leaps in awareness that translate into life enhancing results. In the quantum world “context is everything.” How do we view our immediate opportunities and intentions from the broad and awakened perspective blending QuantumThinking, planetary energies, and the wisdom of the Enneagram? Dianne and Alan will offer coaching to spontaneous requests from participants – on any topic from personal relationships to business “next leaps” to how to think newly and effectively on global and humanitarian issues. Dianne will offer specific insight regarding the cyclical energies of this important and amazing evolutionary time and guidance on how to use the energy to our greatest advantage. If you are ready to explore and take yourself beyond the limits of what you can envision now – this workshop is for you.