Edward Morler / Integrating the Enneagram of Personality with the Levels of Emotional Maturity

Enneagram theory and discussions briefly acknowledge levels of emotional health as healthy, average and unhealthy, but do not significantly address how to facilitate movement from one level to a healthier level. Even Riso and Hudsonís Nine Levels of Development, as helpful as they are, are descriptive rather than prescriptive. Integrating the Levels of Emotional Maturity (a model that describes six levels of emotional maturity and, significantly, how to facilitate movement up the levels) with the nine Enneatypes provides that heretofore missing, but very important, dynamic aspect. That facilitation process contributes enormously to the Enneagramís potential and usability as a truly transformational vehicle. This presentation will demonstrate how to assess the level of emotional maturity and facilitate movement to higher levels for each Enneatype. Detailed charts of both models and their integration will be available to facilitate understanding and application. In addition to presentation handouts, a 280-page book, scheduled for release April 15,2008, will also be available at the conference. Edward E. Morler, M.B.A., Ph.D. , is President of Morler International, a management training and development firm specializing in integrity based interpersonal effectiveness.